How to insulate a house from the cold

Do you have your house ready for the arrival of the cold months? If the answer is negative. It’s the moment! Isolate a home from the cold is essential to ensure comfort and with some works not too expensive and a few simple tips the difference can be remarkable. In this article you will find a series of measures to isolate your home from the inside that will help you achieve the goal. Some you can carry out yourself and for others, you will require the collaboration of a qualified professional. Take note!


It is common for homeowners to be unaware that the small holes and cracks in a floor worse, and much, their energy efficiency. This type of damage is responsible for the loss of 20% of the heat. Therefore, a correct sealing this type of elements where cold air can enter, will make you save a lot of money on your electricity bill.

And this, for a really scarce investment for the benefits that you will perceive. Sometimes, just look at the frames of doors and windows, if they are not well sealed, in the hardware store we can find a variety of weather strips that can be very useful to fill the gaps between the leaves and frames. Small domestic arrangements that will turn our home into a much more comfortable place.


The insulation of the walls of a house can mean a saving of up to 45% in heating and air conditioning, therefore, carrying out this work at home is an investment that is amortized in the short term. In Grupo Exeo we usually choose to build walls with an air chamber, obviously, always built with insulating and quality materials; otherwise, it does not help. The air chamber is placed between two walls of brick or concrete and serves as a “brake” to prevent heat from escaping from the house through the pores of building materials. If the walls of your house are single layer, you can contribute to their isolation by lifting a double wall inside based on profiles and laminated plasterboard. This solution will subtract some centimeters of space, but it is a good solution for thermal insulation problems.


The effect of condensation inside the glass is due to the difference in temperature between the outside and the inside. The most effective way to avoid this effect is to install double-glazed windows and frames with thermal bridge break (they contain an insulating material between the internal and external parts of the frame). Although they are more expensive than normal, these windows guarantee the disappearance of condensations and considerably improve the insulation of the house.